Meet PageNudge

What Real Estate Agents use to Acquire Motivated Buyers and Sellers on Autopilot

Offer a Virtual tour

Use PageNudge to show what your available properties look like inside and out without clients having to schedule an appointment in advance.

Purchasing a house can be stressful, this will offer customers the opportunity to set up an online appointment with you through your Nudge. This way you have the opportunity to meet clients virtually face-to-face that are interested in buying property before meeting in person. This eliminates the need for pre-scheduling or walk-through appointments. And if you’d like you can also allow potential buyers to schedule in-person appointments for viewing.

More details are below.

Schedule Viewings Right in your Nudge

Make your inventory work for you by scheduling viewings right in the nudge with our Calendly integration. No more double booking clients or sending them phone messages to remind them of their appointments with you; it’s done all automatically with PageNudge!

Link Clients to Interactive Floor Plans

Once you greet your site visitor, you can easily link them to a Matterport of the available property or any floor plans you have available. Let viewers play around with different layouts and change out furniture and accessories on your site after you redirect them and explain what assets you have available on the requested property. Clients will qualify themselves after they picture how their stuff will look in their future home.

Use Video Funnels

These are custom videos you create based on where potential buyers/sellers are in their customer journey.

If someone lands on listings that are available for showings, deliver them a nudge that shows the place virtually and/or allows them to book in-person viewings. If someone is looking to sell their home, easily deliver them a video that either has the seller call you directly through the nudge or to opt-in and schedule time on your calendar.


Another great use for video is to recruit real estate agents existing or new to the industry. Through video explain to them why your brokerage is the best option to hang their license with. Talk about the leadership within the company and the accomplishments of brokerage. Communicate through a video about the technology your brokerage uses and how the given tools can make a success out of an agent, new or experienced. Explain the benefits of the company, the commission structure, and how much room there is for growth.

Automatically Respond to Inquiries Promptly

When someone lands on your website they will see a personalized video that gives them all the information needed for the next steps to contact you, whether they are ready to sell or look for properties to purchase. Once they contact you, you can send them the next steps till you or your team reaches out to them directly. Or have the motivated user respond in your Nudge with video, audio, or text!