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Brad Fitzgerald

CEO of PageNudge

Hey Everyone! Brad here and welcome to PageNudge! You may be wondering who I am? I have been doing marketing and lead generation for over 8 years now with my agency. Noticing how much video and being personable with clients has made a huge difference, I decided to launch PageNudge to effectively help out websites be more converting!

I couldn’t do this alone, so I assembled a team of Marketers, ECommerce Nerds, SaaS Founders & Real Estate Agents to go on a mission to bring every website to life with personalized video.

In today’s world, consumers want to feel connected more than ever and want to see who is behind the brands they see online. Video is growing rapidly year over year and having a friendly face to nudge your audience is a must.

With over 35+ years of total combined online marketing, sales, and lead generation experience, our team works hard on bringing you the right features to deliver the results your company deserves.

We care about your brand and take pride in our work. Striving to bring you a great product every day with the help of all of you, we ask that you share any feedback you may have so we can continue to improve on PageNudge and bring better experiences to your website visitors and customers.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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PageNudge can give any site the extra element it needs to connect with users on a more human level helping brands achieve authenticity online.

PageNudge is growing my client’s ecom stores to the next level by providing personalized touches for their site visitors and increasing product sales. Our conversions are crazy high right now by launching these video Nudges.

PageNudge has made a huge impact on our store. Conversing with customers is far easier than setting up sophisticated marketing campaigns, and PageNudge has given us a completely new consumer experience that not only improves conversion but also fosters strong relationships with our consumers. It’s as simple as that.

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