How It Works?

PageNudge is the easiest video marketing solution to convert site visitors into customers. Start nudging leads today.

Create Your First Video

Simply record or upload a video to your desired workspace. For inspiration, use our proven video templates for best practices and maximize success.

Select Your Call-to-Action

Customize your nudge. Edit the branding of your video nudge to fit natively on your website or landing page. Also, customize your nudge to the specific action that you want your visitors to take. You can set up call-to-actions such as: click a button (redirect to another page), booking a call, collecting emails, submit a contact form, or a Calendly booking, and many more.

Configure Nudge Triggers

Set unique triggers based on where you want your nudge to display. This can be after an event or action happens on your website or on specific URLs either on desktop or mobile. Each campaign you build can funnel your site visitors with a more personalized experience for maximum conversions.

Install PageNudge One and Done!

PageNudge installation is simple! Copy and paste your nudge's embed code ONCE to the footer of any website and you're done. Similar to any other popular tools, you can be live within minutes.

Analyze Your Performance

PageNudge offers a valuable analytics dashboard for you to track all your nudges in one central location. We make it simple to make data-driven decisions based on each campaign's performance. Continue to optimize your nudges to boost conversion rate and revenue.

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