Meet PageNudge

The first pop-up video player that generates and tracks conversions for your online store

Welcome Visitors

Welcome visitors to your e-commerce website. This is the main content on your page and it should be helpful, interesting and concise.

Use PageNudge to explain your company’s story, what your brand is passionate about, what you do while detailing how your business can help provide value for the customer with your product or service.

Product Reviews

Video is the best way to communicate your product reviews. This video type can be used to show your audience how the product works, what it’s made of, and why they should buy it. You can also use video to show people using your products or give them testimonials about the product. The most important thing with this video type is that you stay on point and don’t ramble too much about unrelated topics. Get on with the review!

Customer Testimonials

One of the most effective forms of video marketing you can do is video testimonials. Getting someone to talk about your product or service in their own words will be much more powerful than anything you could write yourself.

Some great ways to get customers talking are through contests, surveys, or even using their social media profiles to share their experience with your company. A lot of these features can be integrated into PageNudge – fyi 😉

Create Upsells / Cross-Sells

Another great use for video is to offer customers the opportunity to purchase more products at the same time. Let’s say you own a bakery. You could do a video of three different types of cakes–a yellow cake, a strawberry cake, and chocolate cake–and show how they are perfect for different events or occasions. You can also showcase your cupcakes, cookies, brownies, etc. that way customers can buy everything you sell in one click!

Offer Flash Sales

A video flash sale is an exciting way to create buzz about discounts on your website. These sales are quick and easy to set up, too – it’s just a matter of creating the video, uploading it to your website, and promoting it on social media sites.

Show off some of your top-selling products inside a PageNudge and encourage customers to take action with a simple promotion code.

Thank Buyers for Purchasing

Showing appreciation for shoppers is an important part of owning a business. Thanking customers will demonstrate that you appreciate that they took time out of their day to remember your business. By saying thanks, you are providing positive customer service and inviting more customers to stick around. Shoppers appreciate the sentiment and may be more inclined to become return customers or make referrals if treated well!

The best way to say thanks is with personalized messages via PageNudge, which are simple to create!