5 Ways To Use PageNudge for SaaS Products

Transacting business over the cloud has seen a dramatic rise over the past few years. Regardless of the size of the business, no one wants to be left behind in leveraging the new technology. It is for a good reason. Cloud computing offers a business an unparalleled advantage over any other technology. From pricing to scalability and load balancing, cloud computing is a technology built for business. SaaS is one component of cloud computing where companies offer software services to other businesses. Bringing in customers to such a business is the ultimate way to ensure business continuity, but keeping them helps you create a customer base and make profits. At PageNudge, we help SaaS Businesses make more profits by booking demos and retaining customers. Below are five ways in which we can help your SaaS business keep its customers.

1.  A revolutionary way of welcoming visitors

Consumers prefer buying from a brand that they feel a connection with. Unfortunately, many software companies do not show who is behind their product. They showcase the functionalities of the product, it’s pricing, and the compatible systems only. PageNudge helps you to welcome visitors to your SaaS product with a smile. By showing the buyers the team behind the SaaS product. Through SaaS video marketing, you can get and retain new customers, making your business operate at a profit. We ensure that your connection with the SaaS customers is present and share your mission with them. By doing this, you can build a good relationship with the SaaS customers from the beginning. Many SaaS marketing companies use text web pages to attract more customers. However, at PageNudge, we use beautifully curated videos for marketing your SaaS Business. We allow you to reach and associate with your customers to the success of your company.

2.  Onboarding New Users

PageNudge offers you a unique opportunity to bring new users to your SaaS platform. Setting your SaaS customers up to success is among the best ways to build long-lasting customer value. PageNudge offers you a dashboard where you can track your users and onboard them into your SaaS platform. 

Our SaaS video marketing allows you to record videos with supporting and comforting nudges showing your SaaS Customers how to use your software. Therefore, they will head straight into creating demo bookings to try the product. They will ultimately become loyal and spread the word to their friends about their success using your SaaS product. On PageNudge, we also offer you instant phone calls and emails. Therefore, you can reach your prospective SaaS customers instantly when they log in to your SaaS.

3.  Generation of web traffic

PageNudge helps a SaaS company keep more SaaS customers and book more demos is by the generation of web traffic. Using our platform, you can create a video loaded with call-to-action messages to your prospective customers. We also allow you to embed the video on your website. A video gives a more elaborate explanation of your product than text on some webpage. Customers can gauge your confidence based on non-verbal cues and decide whether to buy your product. Because the SaaS customers can see the appeal in your eye, hear the confidence in your voice, and feel a connection with you, they are more likely to buy. The traffic generated leads to people signing up for your demo and ultimately converting.

At PageNudge, we also have web traffic analytics. They allow you to see the number of impressions your video has, the number of engagements, and the video statistics. These analytics are crucial as they can inform you of areas to improve on and help you forecast profits. You get the answers to How many people are interested in your product and how you can improve your product. The more traffic you generate, the higher the number of demo bookings and prospective SaaS customers.

4.  Search Engine Optimization

SEO is among the leading methods of getting and retaining customers online. Although there are many SEO strategies, Call to Action is among the best. For ages, marketers have used the call to Action (CTA) to onboard new users and create a more elaborate customer base. By incorporating CTA into SaaS Video marketing, PageNudge takes it to a whole new level. The call to action embedded in your video appears like a face-to-face conversation with prospective SaaS customers.

By many people clicking your SaaS product page, it becomes favorably rated by search engines. Therefore, it becomes more visible, attracting even more SaaS customers. If a user has not decided, by hearing your voice and interpreting the non-verbal cues, they get convinced and buy into it. SaaS video marketing creates trust between you and your SaaS customers, the ultimate selling point of any product. By showing your face and that of the team behind the SaaS product, you create reputation and trust with your customers, which PageNudge can help you with.

5.  Branding and lead generation

Branding is the other way through which PageNudge can help you retain your customers. You can highlight some case studies in which your current SaaS customers have succeeded with your SaaS product through our SaaS Video marketing. This is among the best ways of getting new SaaS Customers. You can grab engaging and quick customer video testimonials that show how successful they have been with the software. Case studies like these build trust, credibility, and reputation for your brand.

Using PageNudge, you can also create videos to the hype and create an awareness of the innovative features of the product you are about to launch. You can run promotions, redirect the traffic, and build a waitlist within a short time for your most recent features. It is an effective SaaS marketing technique because prospective customers will jump into your product and request demos, with a good percentage of them converting.

Using a video to explain your SaaS Product is better than text on a webpage. Through PageNudge, you can educate your Prospective SaaS customers about the product and clear any doubts from the frequently asked questions. This can be an effective way of generating leads for your SaaS. Instead of using lead generation forms, you can turn all your feature and product pages into your traffic’s sales funnels. PageNudge helps you generate more leads through the use of videos in the explanation of video features.


SaaS marketing helps prospective customers find your product or business and buy into it. Partnering with a reputable marketer can help improve your chances of getting and retaining customers. There are various ways that SaaS video marketing can help you retain your customers and increase demo booking. These include onboarding new users, SEO, and lead generation that helps you keep your SaaS customers while remaining competitive in the market. PageNudge is a new player in SaaS video marketing. Our goal is to use video marketing to turn the visitors to your site into customers using call-to-action videos. Create an account at PageNudge today and see your SaaS business flourish.

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