8 Tips On Writing Video Sales Letters That Convert

What Is A Video Sales Letter?

A video sales letter is a marketing strategy where you make an offer and inform your prospects of what they’ll get in return. A typical video sales letter includes information about the offer, the company, testimonials, and other relevant information that may help sway a prospect into making a purchase decision.

There are hundreds of thousands of offers on the internet and you can get lost in the sea of information that’s available. So how do you stand out from the crowd?

A high converting script! To be successful with video marketing, content is king, but script is queen. So let’s jump into this article as we breakdown the elements of creating a high converting script for you sales letter.

What’s the Point of Creating Video Sales Letters?

Video sales letters are powerful because they give you the opportunity to showcase your message in a significant way. They are also an extremely inexpensive marketing tool that doesn’t neglect the needs of customers. You can actually make it personalized for each one if you really want to blow some minds.

You might be wondering why video sales letter are so persuasive. It’s because video sales letters help make your message stick by using all your human sense via the web. Video, visuals, and audio! It’s just more engaging than text alone. It’s that simple.

What Does A Video Sales Letter Script Require?

A good video sales letter script needs to have an engaging opening that captures the customer’s attention, a strong offer, and a call-to-action. You need to be able to explain your product benefits in a way that’s simple and easy for your prospects to understand. If you can do all three of these things, then your video sales letters are going to be effective.

1) Begin By Gaining The Attention Of Your Readers

The way you start your video sales letter matters. You want to grab the audience right from the get go and that is why some tips include:

– Opening with a startling statistic to get their attention

– Entering with a strong testimonial or story

– Opening with a situation the customer might be dealing with and how your product can help, or opening with your solution to their problem

– Starting off by talking about the benefits of your product for them, rather than focusing on what it does for you. It’s all about them and how they’ll benefit from what you’re offering.

2) Explain the problem they have and why they must repair it.

Most people want to buy something. They wouldn’t be on your site looking for a solution to purchase if they weren’t. So reiterate on the problems your customers are facing and how your product helps them with those problems. Make them even relate to the problem you’re talking about. Make sure that they understand how your product will benefit them with use cases before you start describing it.

3) Expand On Why It’s Important To Fix The Problem

While you continue to lay down the upside of purchasing your product, continue to leave crumbles of how not fixing the problem can increase issues.

Some angles we see work well are:

  • Increasing your customers time or bandwidth so they can focus on higher priorities
  • Saving your customer money so they can invest it in their advertising
  • Increase your customers ROI so they can continue to grow

4) How to Win a Deal Using Emotion

Now that your customer accepts that they have a problem, it’s time to use emotional triggers like testimonials, supporting stories, pain points, etc., in order to close the deal. If you can relate with your customer on a personal level even better. This will build trust and start to show that there’s a solution.

5) Reveal What The Customer Wants – The Solution

Next, you should cover what problems that your product is eliminating and how it meets the needs of the customer. You should also tell them all about how it’s going to affect their life or business in positive ways. Explain what things they’ll be able to do with once they find solution by purchasing your product.

Establishing authority and credibility in the eyes of prospects by integrating video to drive sales.

6) Explain Your Offer

Tell them all about your product one last time and reiterate on how it’s going to affect their life or business in a positive way. Video will play a big part here in establishing authority and credibility and will help drive sales.

7) Add Some Urgency

Urgency is crucial. Let the customer know that you have the solution and your offer is irresistible and add the element of FOMO. Fear of missing out on this solution should be devastating to the customer by this point.

8) Call To Action

Place the cherry on top with a direct response call to action. Click the link below this video to check out now or hop on a call. Whatever converts your bottom funnel this goes here.


Video sales letters are the perfect way to get your message across in a short amount of time. If you want to convert more prospects into customers, it’s important that you follow these 8 tips on writing video sales letter scripts that will have them standing out from their competition and establishing themselves as an authority for this product. The first step is gaining the attention of readers by opening with a startling statistic or entering strong testimonials early on in the video. Next, explain what problem they’re facing and why they must repair it before expanding upon how not fixing this problem can increase issues like saving money or increasing ROI. Last, make an irresistible offer and don’t forget to add urgency and remind the customer that if they don’t take action now their problem will continue get worse or start costing them even more time and money.

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