8 Tips On Writing Video Sales Letters That Convert

What Is A Video Sales Letter? A video sales letter is a marketing strategy where you make an offer and inform your prospects of what they’ll get in return. A typical video sales letter includes information about the offer, the company, testimonials, and other relevant information that may help sway a prospect into making a […]

How To Create High Converting Video Testimonials

What is a video testimonial? A video testimonial is an emotional way of connecting with your customers. When you use video testimonials, you can put yourself in their shoes and show them the benefits of your products or services. A video testimonial can be used on your website to directly communicate with your customers and […]

5 Ways To Use PageNudge for SaaS Products

Transacting business over the cloud has seen a dramatic rise over the past few years. Regardless of the size of the business, no one wants to be left behind in leveraging the new technology. It is for a good reason. Cloud computing offers a business an unparalleled advantage over any other technology. From pricing to […]

Why Video Marketing Is The Future of E-commerce

Introduction The future of e-commerce is video marketing. With the rise of shopping online, people are seeking solutions to help them make decisions on their purchases. This has led marketers to explore new ways of connecting with potential customers through video content. Video is proven to increase engagement levels, increase conversion rates and help users […]